Gurdwara Sahib property spread over 21 acres was closed on Dec 14, 2022, for $2,700,000.00

The property is financed by R Bank wherein a 20% down payment was made. The Principal Balance is $2,160,000.00. . The monthly ongoing mortgage payment is $17,880.  Current monthly expenses are approximately $28,000 (Mortgage, Granthi Singh, Langar, repair, bills etc.) and we need your support to fulfill this payment.

We request Sangat to come forward and help with monthly payments by signing up for ongoing contributions toward loan payments. Following are the direct links with donations starting at $101 onwards. You can select multiple amounts by selecting the quantity option. Please feel free to reach Ravi Mann at (737) 333-1133 in case you face any issues setting up the EFT payment or if you want to donate any other amount.

Your donation today and your help will inspire others to donate tomorrow.

All the donations go to “Guru Nanak Darbar”
EIN: 88-4160164

Let us know if you have any questions.