Bani Vichaar

This page is dedicated to publish interpretations of the holy gurbani. We hope to present definitions, interpretations and concepts of gurbani in sikhism . We invite scholars to contribute and share their personal experiences with Sangat at large. The selection will be at random and intended for limited use. Since Gurbani is universal in approach and application, no authorship will be claimed.

Experiencing God through Shabad – By Gulshan Jeet Singh

O Seeker, God’s Word is the Ocean and He is the ship. He is also the navigator to ferry you accross, provided you follow the course of Guru’s Word. It is so by faith and following the word of Guru. It is when the invisible One is praised and seen in every One heart. By holding on to the Naam (gurushabad), a Sikh rises up higher from selfishness, attachment, greed and falsehood. A person who has not himself enjoyed ‘True Self’ cannot take another into the inner world of self illumination. Once the seeker (Sikh) finds the true Guru, no further search is needed, surrender is the best course. If Gursikh of the Guru Granth finds satisfaction and light in Devine Word (gurbani) there is no need of further finding, searching or yearning for Guru. Thus Guru exists in Shabad, which is the expression, which exists and works in the Universe, and which gives Gursikhs the reality (Swaroop) and supreme knowledge (shabad samaya).